Restaurant online ordering system guide

01) Independent domain name registration

02) Template design independent website production

03) Server / Hosting / Email

04) Provide an online ordering system

05) Infinite menu upload / the manager can directly modify the manager, if you want, we can do it for you

06) Reservation / Coupon / Send E-mail

07) When an order is received, e-mail/text/tablet app received

08) Cheap commissions based on online sales

09) You can order without knowing the computer

10) A quick and easy system without operation

11) Pickup / Delivery / Select Dine-In

12) Select Dine In: Customers can sit at a restaurant table and place an order online using a smartphone with a table number.

13) Select date / time

14) Choose payment method or payment method at card payment/restaurant

15) And Tip ..

16) Increased re-visit rate and increase of sales by managing online order before/after installation

17) No costs without online orders

18) 2-year contract

Things to prepare in a restaurant for ordering online

1) Menu name and price data

2) Food Pictures

3) Restaurant front photo

4) Restaurant interior photo

5) Tablet for taking an order

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