1) Pickup, 2) Delivery, 3) Dine In

Ordering Food Online, Features

* Prices

* Taxes

* Promos

* Store hours

* Reservation request

* Menu review from customer

* Search engine meta tags each menu and category

* Unique menu categories

* Unique menu items

* Pick up or delivery or dine in

* Prices, taxes, store hours, local items

* Pick-up module configured by store location

* Delivery date and time set-up

* Pick-up date and time set-up

* payment module set-up; cash or credit cards

* Customer self access account (my account)

* Email/newsletter, SMS option

* Unlimited update menu

Benefits for your restaurant are endless

Proven to increase revenue.
Will give your restaurant a solid online presence.
Gives your customers the opportunity to view your product online.
Takes the stress out of advertising.
Build a rapport with customers.
Receive clients emails, SMS, Online promotions, email promotions.
Customers tend to order more food per ticket online.
Decrease phone in orders.
No longer need to pay employees to take phone orders.
You as well as your employees will have a renewed sense of accomplishment.

Benefits to your customers

No longer being placed on hold.
No more busy signals.
Easy online payments.
No lines to wait in.
Fast and accessible.
Self order verification with time slot.
Customer comment box.


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